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Our Core Values

Because managing your finances is one of the most important things you do, your relationship with your financial institution needs to be a strong one.  That's why AAFCU has adopted five core values to ensure you, our member-owners, have the best possible experience when dealing with your financial institution.



Having trust in your credit union is of paramount importance to us.  The integrity of a financial institution starts with accuracy and honesty.  That is why we employ a full-time internal audit department that reports to our Supervisory Committee - an independent oversight committee.  We are also regularly audited by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) - a federal regulatory body.



We strive to serve you with friendly, knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient financial professionals at every level of your interaction with the credit union.



We define quality as our membership finding lasting value in all their dealings with AAFCU.  Once the face-to-face interaction has concluded, how do the products and services you receive perform over time? Are rates competitive?  Do the features of our deposit accounts, loans, investments, or insurance products fit your individual needs?  Do you consistently receive good service?  We know positive answers to these questions are what keeps you coming back to AAFCU.



Delivery of banking services has changed radically over the last decade, and continues to change at a rapid pace.  We are committed to bringing you the latest innovations in banking technology to save you time and money.  We also feel innovation goes beyond mere technology.  We pledge the technological innovation we bring to you is backed by this all-encompassing innovation platform, along with our other core values.



We believe we have a responsibility to strengthen the communities in which we operate.  We continue to utilize our unique position in the community to offer financial education to students of all ages, including our adult members.  A better educated community is a stronger community, especially when it comes to financial matters.  We also remain committed to donating time, money, and resources to worthy local charities.