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Personal Security Center

Thieves are always looking for new ways to steal people's information. There are various ways to alleviate becoming a victim of identity theft. AAFCU focuses on educating the public about keeping their personal security safe. Below lists information about the risks of internet scams.


Click on the following links if you have been directed to pay a fine from a website that looks secure and your computer freezes on that screen.



Identiity Theft

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How smart is your phone?

Using a smart phone can be fun - you can keep up on all the latest information, take pictures, share information, and keep in contact with people by utilizing many channels of communication. However, if you were to lose your phone - what type of information is available to the person who finds it? Be careful about saving passwords to various sites on your phone and always create a password to "unlock" your smart phone. Click here to learn more about "being smart" while using your smartphone.