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Rewards! for Business Debit Cards

Earn rewards for everyday purchases!* You can redeem your rewards to receive gift cards, merchandise, travel experiences and much more! Use your points how you want and when you want!

The Rewards! program also allows participating members to use their points at the Perks Points Mall and Restaurants.com to earn more points while making purchases. Start today to make your everyday purchases pay off!

To learn more about Rewards!, register for Rewards!, or login to your Rewards! account., click the "Manage Your Rewards" button** below. 


*Applies to only Transactions signed for. Transactions that require you to use your PIN number are not eligible to earn Rewards! points.

**By clicking on the "Manage Your Rewards" button you will leave aafcu.com and be redirected to a site built exclusively for AAFCU members. You may click the AAFCU link to return at any time, but you may need to log on again. Note: AAFCU is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of other sites.