Special Hours for Vulnerable Members

At our branch locations, every Wednesday morning from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, is dedicated to serving our vulnerable members, including the elderly, pregnant women, individuals with underlying health issues, or those defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as vulnerable or at-risk. For the protection of our vulnerable members, we will limit the number of individuals in a lobby at one time.

Routing Number: 307070021

Contactless Pay

How to pay with a contactless card!


Find the contactless symbol at checkout.

You can use your contactless debit card anywhere you see this symbol at the checkout terminal.


Simply hover or tap your debit card within a few inches of the contactless symbol at the checkout terminal. 

You also can continue to swipe or insert your card.


Just confirm your payment and you're all set within seconds! 

Why contactless?


The contactless feature only takes seconds to process, whether you use your card or device. You can't pay accidentally and you won't be billed twice- even if you accidentally tap twice.


When it's time to pay, hold your card or device within a few inches of the terminal, near the contactless symbol. Actual tapping is optional.


Similar to a chip card, contactless payment transactions use a one-time security code that's unique to that transaction. This protects your payment information from being used for future unauthorized purchases. 

Use your contactless debit card anywhere you see the contactless symbol:

Drug stores

Retail stores

Grocery stores

Transit and gas stations

Coffee shops

Fast Food resaurants

Convenience stores


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