Routing Number: 307070021

Online and Mobile Banking

The core operating system conversion will not change how members access their account(s) through online and mobile banking.

For members currently enrolled in online or mobile banking, your Login IDs and Passwords will remain the same.

However, when our conversion is complete on March 22, you will notice some things will look or function differently inside of online and mobile banking.

Let’s explore these below.


When you log into online banking you will still see your account tiles on the HOME screen, but there will be a few slight changes to the information displayed.

With our current system, account tiles display:

  • a product name with a truncated account number/product type
  • available balance
  • and current balance.

Current Account Tile

On March 22, each account tile will display the:

  • product name
  • available balance
  • and full account number for that account.

While your accounts will continue to function the same as before, some product names changed slightly in our new core operating system.

New account tile


(located under the MOVE MONEY menu)

The MEMBER TO MEMBER funds transfer screen now displays and requires different information. 

The FROM ACCOUNT field will now display:

  • the account name
  • full account number
  • available balance.

Under Recipient Member Account Information, you will now enter the following information:

  • Enter the recipient Member's full ACCOUNT NUMBER - Note: this is not a member number.
  • First three letters of the member's last name
  • Select an account type (i.e. Checking, Savings, etc.) from the drop down menu.


(located under the MOVE MONEY menu)

After March 19, this feature was no longer available.


(located under the MOVE MONEY menu)

LOAN PAYMENTS is a new menu option that was available March 22. Members use this menu option to make their loan payments through online and mobile banking.  

  • Under the FROM and TO fields, the ACCOUNT NAME and FULL ACCOUNT NUMBER are displayed. 
  • Under the PAYMENT TYPE field, members have the option to make a REGULAR PAYMENT or PRINCIPAL ONLY PAYMENT.


(located under the SETTINGS menu)

After March 19, any account alerts previously set up on your account(s) will have to be re-setup under the MANAGE ALERTS.


(located under the ESTATEMENTS menu)

Beginning March 22, you no longer need to select a MEMBER NUMBER to view account statments. This menu went away. After clicking the ESTATMENTS menu button, members immediately access a screen where they will view all of their account statements.