Routing Number: 307070021

CO-OP Shared Branching

Shared Branch Transactions After March 22

Beginning March 22, Air Academy Federal Credit Union members who use the CO-OP Shared Branch network will be required to use their new account number(s) to transact on their account(s).

Member numbers will no longer be used to identify AAFCU member accounts and Shared Branch network institutions will not be able to look up your account(s) using a member number.

After providing the Shared Branch network institution with one of your new account numbers, they should be able to look up any account on which you are the primary tax owner. However, for a seamless Shared Branching experience, we recommend having the account numbers for all accounts you wish to access available at the time you conduct your Shared Branch transaction(s). 

Your new account numbers will be visible on the Home screen tiles in online and mobile banking. Click the link below for more information regarding your account number and where to find it.

New Account Number Information

If you have any questions, or do not utilize our online banking system and need assistance obtaining your new account number information, please call us contact us at 719.593.8600 or 800.223.1983.