Routing Number: 307070021

Fraud Alerts

Text Messaging Fraud Alert

April, 2016- In an attempt to retrieve personal financial information (debit card numbers, ATM only access debit card numbers, personal identification numbers (PIN), account information, etc.), AAFCU members are being contacted through text messages by an unknown party or parties. The text messages provide a phone number to call. When the number is called, members are instructed to respond with all of your card information.

These texts are fraudulent! Do not respond to any of these texts or call any of the numbers provided within the text, and never give out any personal information.

AAFCU will never ask you for your account information, PIN number or other personal identifying information in communications which you did not originate.

If you have already given out any personal account information, please contact us immediately at our listed phone numbers - 800.223.1983 or 719.593.8600. Please be aware that often times these scams happen after normal business hours. If it is after normal business hours, call 800.223.1983 or 719.593.8600 and select lost/stolen cards to put a block on your card, then call us immediately during normal business hours.

Contact us to report the fraudulent number:

If you did not disclose any personal information you can report the fraudulent call by contacting us at 719.593.8600 or 800.223.1983 or emailing us using the button below.