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Home Equity Loans

Many members do not realize how easy it is to utilize the hard earned equity in their home.

10/10 HELOC

10/10 HELOC:

Whether it’s a planned purchase, unexpected expense, or tool to help consolidate debt, our 10/10 HELOC is the perfect way to give you quick access to the money you need now!

A HELOC turns the equity in your home into a revolving line of credit, giving you access to cash at rates typically much lower than a traditional credit card.

With our 10/10 HELOC you’ll enjoy:

  • 10 year advance period*

  • 10 year repayment period*

  • Quick approvals

  • No annual fee

  • Low interest rates

  • Interest only payments through the advance period*

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. APR is determined by adding a Margin to the Index. The Index is the Prime Rate as published in the “Money Rates” table in The Wall Street Journal. The Margin is calculated based on individual credit history and loan-to-value ratio. Rates subject to change without notice. Rates may vary after account is opened. Rates are adjusted on the first day of the quarter following a rate change in Prime Rate, as published in the Wall Street Journal. The Prime Rate in effect on 03/16/2020, is 3.25%. At no time, will the rate exceed 17.99% APR. Minimum loan amount is $10,000. Maximum loan amount is $250,000. During the Advance Period, the minimum monthly payment is the greater of $50.00 or the finance charges that have accrued during the billing cycle. During the Repayment Period, the minimum monthly payment is the greater of $50.00 or the minimum monthly principal and interest payment due based on a 120 month amortization schedule calculated by the outstanding balance at the end of the Advance Period, plus finance charges that have accrued on the outstanding balance during the billing cycle. There is no limit on the amount by which the rate can change during any one-year period aside from the rate cap of 17.99%. Floor rate range is 3.00%-6.25% APR. Under no circumstance will the APR go below the initial start APR for an individual plan. The maximum APR of 17.99% could be reached the first month of the draw period. Closing cost range is $400-$900 only if an appraisal is required. Late fees may apply. For current index value, margins, and APR, call 800.223.1983. Restrictions and requirements may apply. Ask a mortgage loan officer for details. Membership requirements apply. Equal Housing Lender. 


my way mortgage

My Way Mortgage

Take control of your borrowing experience and discover what it's like to design a home loan on YOUR terms!

Fixed Second

Fixed Second:

The product will help you access the equity you have created in your home as collateral. The loan is repayable over a fixed term with a fixed interest rate. With a fixed rate and fixed term it is easy to fit this product into your budget to meet your financial needs. Additionally, the interest may be tax deductible. Please check with your tax advisor for details.



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