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Smart Solution Loan

Not sure you can make it until payday? A Smart Solution Loan is exactly what it sounds like - an intelligent alternative to payday loans.

We have all been there… life happens and all of a sudden money is tight. A Smart Solution Loan (a payday loan alternative) can help you get quick access to the money you need at a lower interest rate and with longer repayment terms than similar loans at traditional payday lenders. 

When times are already stressful, the last thing you need is to be taken advantage of by a lender who is motivated by profit, not your well-being.

Smart Solution Loan Features

  • Lower interest rates and longer repayment terms than traditional payday loans

  • Personal Service and Quick Approvals

  • 17.99% APR*

  • 60-day Repayment Term

  • Must be an AAFCU member for at least six months to apply

  • No Credit Check Required

  • Must meet other minimum requirements

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Must be a member for at least six months. Must meet other requirements. No additional advances made until previous advance paid in full. $300.00 maximum loan amount for first three advances. Monthly payments are computed at approximately $153.38 each, due at 30 and 60 days from the time of loan, based on loan amount of $300.00. Other restrictions & fees apply.

To apply for a Smart Solution Loan, stop by any branch location or 

contact us at 719.593.8600 or 800.223.1983.

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