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Online pre-approval with no application fee. Apply online, over the phone or at a branch.

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Flexible loan terms for both new and used cars.

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Easy online payment with 24/7 account access through online and mobile banking. 

Dealership Financing

Simply tell the car dealership you want to finance your car loan with us!

When is a loan more than just a loan?

When the loan fits YOUR needs, not ours.

With a My Way Loan, experience an innovative approach to auto, motorcycle, and recreational vehicle loans. Use our My Way Loan calculators to choose a loan term and payment that works for you. 

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Getting started is easy!  Simply select the loan type you are interested in and click Get Started.

Use our My Way Loan calculators to find the loan term and monthly payment that's right for you!

Auto Loan

Make dreams a reality with the purchase of a new or used car!

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Hit the road on a new or used motorcycle!

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RV Loan

Take on new adventures in a new or used RV!

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Equal Opportunity Lender. Membership Requirements Apply. Restrictions and requirements apply. Subject to approval. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Refinancing fees may apply to all existing loans with AAFCU. Some loan types may require a down payment. My Way Loan is a registered trademark of Air Academy Federal Credit Union.

Competitive auto loan rates, various loan terms, and convenient application process. Does it get any better?

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Table data for New and Used Auto Loans
 Effective as of 02/02/2023
Terms APR* Alert Me
Up to 60 months 6.49% - 17.99%** Receive a notification when this rate changes
61-72 months 7.09% - 17.99%** Receive a notification when this rate changes
73-84 months 8.09% - 17.99%** Receive a notification when this rate changes
*APR= Annual Percentage Rate. **Rates may vary depending on applicant's creditworthiness and year of collateral. APR calculation assumes no fees; fees may impact rate and/or term. Payment example: 72 monthly payments of $17.09 per $1,000.00 borrowed at 7.09% APR on 2020 or newer vehicles. Down payment may be required. Refinancing fees may apply to all existing auto loans with AAFCU. Membership requirements and other restrictions apply. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice.


Already have an auto loan with us and need extra cash? Apply to skip your next montly loan payment.

Just tell us which monthly payment you would like to skip and use that money to help you meet other needs. Your skipped monthly payment is simply added to the end of your loan.

Program Details

  • Easy application process
  • $35.00 per skipped payment*
  • Skipped payment is added to the end of the loan
  • Convenience of payment flexibility

To apply, call 719.593.8600 or 800.223.1983.

*Skip-A-Payment does not apply to real estate loans, lines of credit or credit cards. Your skipped payment will be added to the end of your loan term, and normal interest charges will continue to accrue. Must meet program requirements. Incurs one time fee of $35.00. Fee must be paid by member at time of application (cannot be added to loan balance). Interest continues to accrue on outstanding loan balance, and may extend maturity date of loan. Other restrictions apply. 

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