Special Hours for Vulnerable Members

At our branch locations, every Wednesday morning from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, is dedicated to serving our vulnerable members, including the elderly, pregnant women, individuals with underlying health issues, or those defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as vulnerable or at-risk. For the protection of our vulnerable members, we will limit the number of individuals in a lobby at one time.

Routing Number: 307070021

My Way Mortgage

A new and innovative way to choose the payment and term that works for you. Want to see how easy it is? Try our mortgage calculators and see how adding a small additional monthly amount to your principal or shortening your term a few years can reduce the length of your loan and help you achieve the goal of being mortgage-free.

  • Pay off your mortgage quicker

  • YOU decide what YOU are comfortable paying

  • Use for a refinance or purchase

  • Competitive rates

  • No points or closing costs

Utilize the calculators below to determine the best mortgage for you. Each calculator is designed to tell you specific information about your payment, your term, or even compare two different loan scenarios.

Loan Amount Calculator

Use this calculator to enter your desired monthly payment and term and it will display your maximum loan amount.

Calculate Amount

Payment Amount Calculator

Use this calculator to select the loan amount and term you would like to pay off your mortgage. The calculated results will show your estimated payment amount.

Calculate Payment

Term Comparison Calculator

Use this calculator to select the loan amount and compare two different terms. The calculated results will show you two different payment amounts as well as the estimated savings.

Compare Terms

Mortgage Optimizer Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the most efficient term for your desired monthly payment.

Optimize Mortgage