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Payback Piggy 2021

Payback Piggy is back this month to show our members some love... while social distancing!

Each week in October we will randomly select

5 lucky members to receive $250.00 &

1 lucky business to receive $500.00 

deposited directly to their accounts.

Plus, each member and business selected will receive a Payback Piggy Pack in the mail filled with fun Payback Piggy items & more! 

That’s a $7,500.00 payback to our members!

Plus, during week 4 we will not select 1, but 2 lucky businesses to receive $500.00 and a Payback Piggy Pack!

Week 1: October 4 - October 8

Monday, October 4 recipient: Brett E.

Tuesday, October 5 recipient: Shirley B.

Wednesday, October 6 recipient: William B.

Thursday, October 7 recipient: Anne P.

Friday, October 8 recipient: Janna L.

Friday, October 8 business recipient: Chiropractic and Wellness

Week 2: October 12 - October 15

Tuesday, October 12 recipients: Judy P. and Antonio C.

Wednesday, October 13 recipient: Michael A.

Thursday, October 14 recipient: Julia L.

Friday, October 15 recipient: Kerry O.

Friday, October 15 business recipient: Hakuna Matata Construction

Week 3: October 18 - October 22

Monday, October 18 recipient: Lauren B.

Tuesday, October 19 recipient: Kenneth D.

Wednesday, October 20 recipient: June E.

Thursday, October 21 recipient: Kirby F.

Friday, October 22 recipient: James K.

Friday, October 22 business recipient: Lincoln Real Estate Group

Week 4: October 25 - October 29

Monday, October 25 recipient: Ronald R.

Recipients selected will be announced each week on our social media, so be sure to follow us to see if you're a lucky recipient!


If you are a lucky recipient of a Payback Piggy Pack, help us by sharing your pictures with us and spread the positive Payback Piggy vibes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by using #paybackpiggy