kids playing

Summer entertainment for the kids can be expensive. However, fun in the sun doesn’t have to break the budget! Check out these 40 ways to enjoy a cost-efficient summer!

  1. Set up a lemonade stand

  2. Set up a camp in the back yard

  3. Watch a free movie

  4. Go geocaching

  5. Create your own field day

  6. Visit local retailers and venues

  7. Church camps

  8. Craft day

  9. Visit the library

  10. Redeem report card rewards

  11. Make your own water park

  12. Tie-dye t-shirts

  13. Free summer workshops

  14. Hike local trails

  15. Movie in the park

  16. Concert in the park

  17. Family boot camp

  18. Go on a scavenger hunt

  19. Learn origami

  20. Volunteer

  21. Have a picnic

  22. Star gazing

  23. Join a book club

  24. Workout

  25. Window shop

  26. Go to the local museum

  27. Learn a new sport

  28. Listen to a local musician

  29. Bike rides

  30. Take a walk

  31. Cook dinner

  32. Go to an arcade

  33. Do something crafty

  34. Go to the county fair

  35. Go tubing down a river

  36. Go swimming

  37. Have a blindfolded taste test competition

  38. Visit a playground

  39. Visit the local fire station

  40. Make S’mores