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About Us

AAFCU is the only "bank" you'll ever need - and a whole lot more! Experience for yourself how we make a difference, one member at a time.

Our Story

About Us

AAFCU is a federally chartered, not-for-profit, and member-owned financial institution. AAFCU is regulated by the National Credit Union Administration, a federal agency. Deposits at AAFCU are insured to at least $250,000 per account and are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

We have a deeply rooted history with our United States Air Force. Chartered in 1955, AAFCU was founded to serve the cadets, officers and civilians of the newly established United States Air Force Academy at Lowry Air Force Base. As the Air Force Academy grew and evolved, so did our membership. In addition to our continued service to our military, we now serve the employees and students of 10 school districts and over 300 select employee groups (SEG) along with their family members. As we look to the future we never forget our past; as we make it our mission to serve those who serve others.

Our Attitude (with Altitude)

We are protectors of your priceless possessions; we are here to help you achieve your dreams and accomplish your life’s financial aspirations. The world may revolve around money, but we understand your world revolves around much more. We are here to help you use money as a tool to achieve your goals, whether or not financial in nature.

We are a full-service financial institution that allows you to do business on your terms, to fit your lifestyle. Our competitive, innovative products allow our members the freedom to choose the financial solutions that are personal by design. Need a 168 month mortgage? No problem! How about a 53 month auto loan? It’s yours! We care about your needs and your solutions, above our own.

In addition to traditional “banking” products, our mobile app allows you to take us wherever you go, to reach your dreams whatever they may be. From the tap of your finger to the click of your mouse, you can deposit checks, pay a bill, and set up important account alerts to monitor your account for you. Whatever you do in life, our compassionate and dedicated employees are here to help!

AAFCU Foundation

Air Academy Federal Credit Union Foundation

Our Mission

Promote education and life-long financial responsibility for people of all ages.

Our Objectives

Enhance personal success through the development of financial literacy and responsibility. The Foundation focuses on different activities for each target life-phase.

Educate teachers to appreciate and to promote the benefits of financial literacy to others. The Foundation exposes educators to helpful pedagogy and supply materials which will help them raise their level of personal financial education. Recognize students’ desires, needs, and excellence by awarding grants, internships, seminars, and scholarships. The Foundation favors educational programs and opportunities that encourage students to release their creativity, inspire them to learn, and empower them with self-confidence.

Provide community-based general educational support by serving as a bridge between area school systems, and the public and private sectors. The Foundation seeks strong strategic alliances with local organizations and serves as a force-multiplier for mission accomplishment including; public education foundations, universities, libraries, chambers of commerce, and business education programs. 



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kids learning

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